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I’m Phil Quesinberry. I’m a long-time computer geek, programmer, hacker, inventor, computer systems engineer, voice actor, amateur radio operator, and IT consultant with over 40 years of experience.

I have very deep roots with UNIX and specialize in custom email and VOIP solutions for my customers.

Email Crisis Management

As part of my IT practice, one particular thing I help customers with is email crisis management. Perhaps your email address got hacked, or you got hit by a subscription list bomb that absolutely floods your email inbox with over 1000 emails an hour. Maybe your emails aren’t reaching their destination as intended, or emails coming to you aren’t hitting your inbox as planned. Many of my customers are small business owners who have their own domain but might have their email hosted with their domain service provider and unfortunately, in most cases, their email was never set up correctly to begin with. One of my most popular services is an in-depth and detailed email check-up to ensure that your email is configured correctly and that your domain does not appear on any blacklists.  While it’s simple to use, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes with email and sometimes problems aren’t obvious, everything seems fine until you realize that many of your emails are being silently dropped without reaching their intended destination.

Email spam filtering and monitoring

Much of my knowledge and experience with email management and the customers I assist came from troubleshooting existing email setups or setting them up from scratch for corporate customers running their own email servers.  Existing spam-filtering solutions are often inadequate, forcing employees to waste time sorting through and deleting spam from their inboxes, in some cases having to deal with a hundred or more junk emails every day.   After seeing how common this problem was, I decided to create my own email spam filtering and monitoring service. With this service in place, I can ensure your email is flowing correctly and working as intended. For example, when a customer emails you with an order, you want to be 100% sure that email lands in your email inbox!

I have decades of experience working with email and when there’s a problem, I’m the guy you can turn to.  I have assisted with issues others have failed to solve (this is sadly much more common than you might expect), and I’ve been able to efficiently and effectively get customers’ email under control and working the way they want it to rather than what their current service provider’s email service dictates. So why use a cookie-cutter filtering solution when a custom email solution is available that can make your inbox practically spam-free AND virtually guarantee that every single important email will hit your inbox when it’s supposed to?

VoIP telephone services

I am a long-time phone “phreak”/enthusiast, and I’ve administered PBX systems for corporate customers, as an employee and under contract. One of those contract customers that I’d been working with for a very long time merged with another company and wound up leaving their Nortel Norstar PBX behind when the merger didn’t work out, requiring them to find another solution in a hurry.  I had already been considering offering Voice-over-IP services at this point so within a few days, I had created the humble beginnings of the VoIP infrastructure that serves our customers today.

I can create a customized telephone system on this infrastructure for your business that can save you tons of money vs. traditional service providers like Verizon. Instead of being forced into a cookie-cutter voicemail system, I can custom design and record a phone system that will run with your business. In addition, my system can record phone calls and provide logs, as well as allow you to have roving extensions for your employees that allow them to contact customers from the field, showing your business telephone number on CallerID instead of their cell phone number.  All of the features you’d expect like an automated attendant (“Press 1 for business hours and directions, 2 for sales…”), music or announcements on hold, Call Parking, Intercom, Find me/Follow-me forwarding, moderated or unmoderated teleconferencing and more are included, as well as others that you might not expect and if you need something more custom, there’s a good chance that I can script it up for you.

If you’d like to hear an example of this system in action, call MacMedics at (410) 987-8588.  If you need to call them from another phone because your iPhone is broken, let them know and they’ll fix it for you!

Linux/UNIX SysAdmin, Programming and IT consulting

As a Linux/UNIX expert, I can design an IT infrastructure to meet your needs quickly and efficiently using proven, reliable and secure, open-source solutions. I’m very responsive and available to handle tough situations that most of the other guys don’t know how to deal with.

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I cannot recommend Phil's services enough! I’ve been a customer of his VoIP telephone service for the last eight years. For decades I was a loyal Verizon customer and had many different phone lines coming in virtually and over copper. When the phone system I custom built no longer cut it, I switched to Phil’s firm and saved over $1000 a month versus Verizon! $1000 a month is significant, but over the last eight years, that’s almost $100,000 in savings. That’s real money! The other great thing about Phil's services is that he custom-made a phone plan that fits my business. Not only did he custom-program it, but he also used his voice to record the IVR for my company. It’s professional, it’s effective, and it’s absolutely amazing! And my customers always comment on it, saying how professional it is and how much they like Phil’s voice! When I wanted to upgrade my system to record all incoming and outgoing phone calls, Phil made it happen! He’s been responsive, thoughtful, and professional when handling my phone needs. He programmed my phone system so I can use the intercom anywhere in my office plus, I can also intercom to employees working from home or to any of my other offices. When I complained to Phil that the spam filtering that I was subscribed to wasn’t cutting it, he took it upon himself to create a product just for me to ensure that my email was not packed with SPAM. Since I’ve had an email address since the dawn of the Internet, I get a tremendous amount of SPAM. Phil engineered his system to filter all of it virtually out so that I could effectively work and run my business without worrying about missing an email or having to sort through hundreds of spam messages daily. He’s an absolute IT pro, and if you’re a small business and you’re looking to add a professional to your team to help with your IT needs, email, or VoIP telephone systems, he’s your guy!

Dana Stibolt


Our small business was having difficulty with our email due to our server being blocked by almost every major email provider (Gmail, AOL, Verizon, Yahoo, etc.).  I was introduced to Phil Quesinberry through a long-term trusted computer consultant, Dana Stibolt, and Phil replied shortly after seeing my request.  He had already done a check of our email services and had determined what might be causing the dilemma, and he suggested two possible solutions. Given his technical insight, I opted for the more thorough solution, which meant transitioning our URL to a new host that would provide better service.  Since our old host was so antiquated, the process took longer than we’d hoped for them to release our account before we could make the transition.  So, Phil implemented a small solution that would aid us until the larger solution could be implemented. All along the way, Phil stayed in regular contact to keep me informed of our progress.  Within a couple of weeks, everything was complete, and I performed tests on all of our new abilities.  Only after I was fully satisfied did he send his invoice, which was remarkably reasonable.  He is worth more than he charges.  He is responsive and knowledgeable, friendly, and caring.  In my 30+ years in business, that combination is hard to come by.  His efforts have reduced my daily stress and frustration, and that has given me a material improvement in my ability to do my own job. I will be calling on Phil for any and every website and email question that ever have, and I recommend that you do the same.  He is awesome, and I’m only sorry that I didn’t meet him sooner.  

Lou Carloni

SMBC, Inc.

Phil Quesinberry saved me from changing my email and from losing my mind.   I recently was the victim of an email subscription bombing attack on my company email address.  Who knew there was such a thing?  I was receiving thousands of emails a day from all over the world.  It made it impossible to get anything done.  I could spend an entire day just hitting the delete button.  I was referred to Phil, and he explained to me what was going on and that he could help.  Within one day, the emails were reduced to a fraction of what I was getting.  After two days, it was even less.  He has taken the time to assist me with questions and fine-tune his program to reduce the junk and misc. emails even further.  His rates are very reasonable, especially when the results are so fantastic!  If you are having computer issues, I highly recommend that you contact Phil Quesinberry to see if he can help.  He really knows his stuff.

Curtis Clary

C. Clary Contracting, LLC



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